First direct appointment under acquisition of the Gembloux data center

Gembloux/Diegem, 13 September 2021 – The company LCL Data Centers has hired a new Business Developer for its data center in Gembloux. Philippe Lipinski (60) will work at the central office of LCL Wallonia One, where he will fully focus on expanding LCL’s customer base in Wallonia. Specifically, LCL is keen to improve connectivity in Wallonia by bringing more operators to Gembloux. A further goal is to attract more organisations that could offer their digital connectivity and applications to the public via these operators. LCL will therefore leverage the IT knowledge and broad experience acquired by Philippe Lipinski in the field of ICT.

Philippe Lipinski is joining LCL Data Centers as the new Business Developer for LCL Wallonia One. His main task will include attracting customers in order to continue filling the Gembloux data center, which is key for Wallonia. He will mainly target SMEs, the media, and biotechnology and financial technology companies based in Wallonia.

Philippe Lipinski

Tailored solutions for each customer 

In his new position as Business Developer at LCL, Philippe Lipinski has chosen a challenging job.I’ve always worked in the IT sector, but I have never worked for a data center company. It felt like the perfect time to address this gap,” says Philippe Lipinski. “At LCL, each project is unique and every customer has a different approach, which is fascinating. We listen to their requests and we offer tailored data center solutions. Customers like this flexibility, as they can approach us for connectivity or for hybrid solutions, housing or external storage. When we meet them to assess their needs, we explore all the solutions likely to be of interest to an organisation. As a result, customers have a clear overview of the options available and will be able to choose the most appropriate solution. Once a customer has opted to work with LCL, I always stay in contact with them. The sales team can then closely follow the process and optimise the services offered to customers.”

Digital opening of the Belgian market

Thanks to its acquisition of Cofely Data Solutions SA in June 2021, LCL Data Centers took over the ENGIE Solutions data center in Gembloux. LCL Wallonia One thus became LCL’s first data center in Wallonia. LCL already owned several data centers close to the Dutch-French languages border in Belgium, but it has now strengthened its position in the south of the country. 

Philippe Lipinski sees huge potential here: The Walloon market is open to digitalisation and the new opportunities. We have arrived just in time to meet this growing demand.” With the aid of Philippe Lipinski in this position, LCL is keen to enhance connectivity in Wallonia and to bring more operators to the region. The more telecoms operators there are in the Gembloux data center, the more (potential) customers will have opportunities for connections to local and global networks. They will benefit by having better access to the digital applications available worldwide and they can efficiently make available their own applications on an international scale.

A flourishing data center company  

Given the wave of digitalisation triggered by the health crisis, LCL’s employees have not been idle. Two months after acquiring ENGIE Solutions, LCL opened its second data center in Aalst, LCL Brussels-West 2. Since then, this data center has been awarded two Tier III certifications by the Uptime Institute. The data center company grew by 20% in 2020, compared to 10% in previous years.

According to Philippe Lipinski, LCL Data Centers is the ideal employer, because, at the age of 60, he wants to be part of a growing Belgian company. I’m convinced that LCL Data Centers has a bright future and I’m more than happy to make my own contribution to this success story. This enables me to make a difference, which is very satisfying,” he concludes.

Career of Philippe Lipinski

With a degree in computer science, Philippe Lipinski has spent his entire working life in IT. He has worked as a System Engineer, IT Consultant, pre-sales Engineer, Partner Business Manager and an Account Manager for several different companies in the IT sector. His years of expertise and knowledge have taught him the vital importance of secure connections. He has notably worked for enterprise IT hardware suppliers such as EMC², and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as well as for integrators like Comparex and Nexis, not to mention IT distributors including TechData and Exertis Enterprise. He enjoys spending free time with his friends and family, preferably over a nice meal and a good bottle of wine.

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