Abdellah Mahlous has successfully completed the Accredited Tier Designer course at the Uptime Institute in London. The Uptime Institute is an unbiased international advisory organization for data centers that focuses on improving the performance, efficiency and reliability of business critical infrastructure. It worked with various data centers to develop the Tier classifications, which are the industry standard for determining the level of redundancy at data centers.

In this technical course, the Uptime Institute provides instruction on the practical application of the Tier standards. The aim of the course is to enable the students to take the Tier rules into account for themselves in the design, construction or management of data centers.

Besides being our Operations Manager, Abdellah is now officially an Accredited Tier Designer too. As a consequence, LCL now has its own in-house expert in the area of Tier design, which offers many advantages. Abdellah's more detailed understanding of the Tier design criteria will enable him to improve operational efficiency, increase the amount of knowledge held within his team, and reduce business risks.

“There are many misconceptions about the Tier classifications”, Abdellah explained. “Having followed this course, I now have a clear understanding of where the emphasis is placed and which matters really must be taken into account. I'm now able to evaluate our data center plans myself on the basis of the Tier criteria, and I know which requirements we have to comply with in order to maintain our Tier 3 certification.”

Investing in its employees' know-how is important to LCL. The world of data centers is constantly changing, and the ability to respond to those changes is crucial.

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