Since our data center in Antwerp has reached its maximum capacity, we have decided to expand it by 200 m², which is the equivalent of 70 new racks. Currently the data center has a total surface area of 500 m². This investment is a planned follow-up to the upgrading of all the electrical installations in Antwerp two years ago. The new data room will be available as from January.

In Antwerp, we are often closer to our end user. Although our data center in Diegem has a more central location near Brussels, many of our customers are based outside the capital. Our decision to create the additional room means that we will literally be closer to our customers. We aim to be available and accessible at all times, and so we will continue to invest in additional capacity for new and existing customers.


Overview of data center expansions

From the outset, LCL has focused on expansion to ensure it can always offer sufficient capacity. In 2002, Laurens van Reijen acquired a data center in Diegem that would become the first LCL data center. It was joined two years later by the data center in Antwerp, which has not undergone any expansion until now. In 2011, LCL acquired DataCloud's data center in Aalst. Its original area of 1200 m² was expanded by 300 m² in 2014. This was followed in 2016 by the construction of an additional data center in Diegem, including a new 600 m² meet-me room, known as Diegem 4.

We will carry on investing in expanding our data centers so that our customers can continue to grow their IT infrastructures flexibly.

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