Laurent joined LCL in June 2021 following the acquisition of the Engie Solution site in Gembloux, which he had joined 6 years earlier. As a technician, he is responsible for installing, wiring and powering the servers of the 3 computer rooms of the site. He is required to modify and adjust the installations according to the sometimes complex requests of the customers. He enjoys a job well done and pleasing customers.

With his 30 years of experience in the installation of IT networks, cabling and fiber optics, Laurent is an outstanding Technician capable of solving any of the challenges that come his way. As his reputation preceded him, he was able to work for 10 years as an Independent Network Specialist for many companies in the region before joining Engie Solutions 6 years ago.

As a technician on the Gembloux site, Laurent, who works in tandem with his eldest son, Thomas, is responsible for the physical operations of the 3 computer rooms of the site: "We are responsible for the installation, wiring and powering the servers in the 3 rooms and making all the adjustments required by the customers. In the event of a breakdown, we must intervene as quickly as possible in order to maintain the level of satisfaction of our customers as high as possible. »

Laurent Eloy

For Laurent, the acquisition of Engie by LCL is an excellent development and reassures him about the future. Since LCL is a data center specialist, all the knowledge and competencies necessary to meet the sometimes complex requests of customers are available within the organisation. “Finding solutions to customer requests, whether simple or complicated, and making everything work, is what I enjoy the most about my job. Doing a good job, pleasing the customers and keeping them satisfied, is essential and all LCL teams work together to achieve this objective. »

As a former amateur footballer, Laurent spends much of his free time coaching youth teams, allowing him to keep in touch with this sport he is passionate about. Besides that, he enjoys getting out on Sunday morning for Nordic walking sessions to stay fit! Laurent is a bon vivant who enjoys going out with friends to restaurants and to the movies.

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