“I want to implement HR in a more proactive way”

With the addition of Human Resources and Office Manager Fabienne Frisson, LCL is investing in retaining talented employees and streamlined HR processes for the next few years. Understanding how the HR department can work more efficiently, as well as on a more cooperative basis, is key to ensuring employee happiness and the effective implementation of LCL's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

Fabienne Frisson

LCL’s growth has gone hand in hand with the expansion of both its physical size and the human resources department This requires efficient HR systems and innovative ways of fostering communication and collaboration among employees to support LCL's further development. This is one of the reasons why LCL has brought Fabienne Frisson onto the team. With over 30 years of experience in the Human Resources field, Fabienne has a proven track record of developing and implementing effective HR strategies. Fabienne: “In my career, I have been responsible for a wide range of HR activities, such as compensation and benefits, HR automation and recruitment. I enjoy providing support and guidance to employees on any HR-related questions they may have. My goal has always been to create a positive and productive work environment for all employees.”

A more proactive HR department

As the new HR manager, she wants to encourage and improve communication and collaboration between employees and management, making sure that everyone is on the same page. “Proactive HR departments can help identify potential issues before they become problems, such as conflict resolution or training needs. By actively identifying the needs of both employees and management, HR departments can play a vital role in improving the overall functioning of a company," says Fabienne.

Implementing optimisation

Since starting at LCL in July 2022, she has mainly been focused on researching and implementing optimisation measures for the HR department. Fabienne: “Since I'm new to the team and have a fresh perspective on things, I can more easily assess processes and procedures objectively. I am excited about the opportunities at LCL that can take HR to the next level. Measures such as HR automation enable the HR department to streamline and speed up a lot of tasks, thus empowering employees.”

With Fabienne on board, LCL will focus more on centralising all HR activities. “One of the projects I'm working on is the implementation of a personnel management system that will centralise all our employee data in one easy overview. It facilitates faster onboarding, structured employee training, quick access to payroll information and much more. Our plan is to completely digitise all employee tools.”

Attracting and retaining top talent

Besides that, attracting and retaining staff is another focus area for LCL. It's in line with LCL's ESG strategy, which demonstrates commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good governance. “LCL wants to continue to stand out as the most reliable and innovative data center in Belgium. This means that HR needs to re-evaluate how it is organised and how it can support this growth in the most efficient way possible. That's why we're also looking at improving company-wide policies and procedures related to human resources, such as compensation and benefits. Furthermore, we want to focus more on our employer branding through our digital channels, such as our social media and careers website.”

The LCL team

Although she has only just started working at LCL, she feels right at home. Fabienne: “I have mainly worked in big, international companies where the teams are big and spread out globally. I like the fact that, at LCL, the team is small, and it feels more like a family. Everyone knows each other and there are lots of informal moments. It's something that can only benefit the atmosphere of working together in a close-knit, cooperative environment.  Not just as an HR professional, but also as an employee, this makes me feel excited to be part of this company.”

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