Bring out the ice cream scoop!
Eurofiber has reached the 100 patches mark in LCL's data center in Diegem.
And that deserves a treat.

Last summer, LCL sent the ice-cream truck to the high-quality digital infrastructure supplier in Machelen. Yummy!

But what exactly is a patch?
Every connection with another operator or a customer is one patch. Even if all the connections are deduplicated, 100 is still a fair number. What's more, these are just the patches in the Diegem data center.

Eurofiber is also present in LCL’s data centers in Aalst and Antwerp. The takeover of the Syntigo (B-Telecom) fiberglass network has given this operator's activities another sizeable boost: the incorporation of B-Telecom yields Eurofiber 132 patches within LCL.
And there may be more, because Eurofiber is ambitious! "We aim to be the number 1 for dark fiber in Belgium. For broadband connections of 100 Mbps and over, we want to be in the top three in the next few years. With the takeover of B-Telecom, Eurofiber is working on this ambition, ensuring that the company and the network continue to grow", is the message from the Eurofiber office.

How can LCL help with this? "The added value of the partnership with LCL is the outstanding offer that our joint forces place on the market. We are convinced that the collaboration with LCL will contribute towards further rolling out fiberglass connections in Belgium on the open and independent Eurofiber network."

Good luck!


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