Destiny is a company that offers secure cloud communication solutions, especially aimed at the SME market. The telecom company from Zaventem now has more than 350 employees in Belgium, the Netherlands and in France. Daan de Wever started the company in 2008, together with his brother Samuel. In 2019, he was chosen by Data News as the ICT Personality of the Year. Since its foundation, the cloud and telecom partner has grown enor­mously, partly due to various acquisitions. The annual turnover in 2019 was 85 million euros.



“In the early years, around 2008, Destiny was looking for an adequate and secure environment to house its cloud infrastructure,” says Tim Schmit, Presales & Product Marketing Manager at Destiny. “Due to our growth, we needed a data center for the placement of our equipment. It was also a requirement to ensure optimal continuity for our customers. The highest possible uptime is crucial for Destiny and that is why we wanted to collaborate with a data center of the highest quality.”


“We chose LCL as a data center partner because of its reliability,” says Schmit. “Reliability in terms of, among other things, redundancy and safety. Customers certainly attach importance to this, for example in the context of their own ISO certification. There is no exclusivity at LCL in terms of telecom operators this was also an important factor for us. This offers flexibility and possibilities. The price-quality ratio is certainly good at LCL.“

“We notice that LCL is a local player who is committed to being close to the customer. This facilitates communi­cation and daily operations. They do not come across as a large corporate, but rather as a smaller, specialized company. They are accessible and flexible and use a “can-do mentality”. When looking at what we could out­source, it quickly turned out to be a “no brainer” to leave our data center to a specialist such as LCL, who can help us maintain our infrastructure. LCL has become a very important strategic partner of Destiny.“


+ Highest possible continuity guaranteed
+ Guarantees regarding safety
+ Possibility of expansion in terms of space

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