An additional data center space to support the digital economy

Diegem, 10 April 2024 – Data center specialist LCL is to expand the region's most connected data center, LCL Brussels-North, in order to continue to support the growing digital economy. A total of €30 million will be invested. The design of the new Tier III data center has already been certified by the renowned Uptime Institute.

There are already four data centers in Diegem, and they will be joined in the next two years by a fifth data center.

Expansion of best-connected data center hub

LCL Data Centers specifically chose its data center complex in Diegem for the additional data center space. LCL has consciously decided that the brand-new data center will not be fully equipped at first. This will allow the data center company to shift gear quickly and meet the specific accommodation needs of new customers, which is in keeping with LCL’s decision to opt for a customer intimacy strategy.

‘LCL Brussels-North is a hub through which all Belgian internet traffic flows, and that makes it the region's best connected data center complex', said Laurens van Reijen, managing director of LCL Data Centers. ‘It can be considered the beating heart of the digital economy. Adding another data center will enable us to continue to support society's growing digitalisation.’

The €30 million investment will make LCL even more appealing to customers wanting to accommodate their IT infrastructure at LCL Brussels-North. A number of customers have already reserved racks at this new data center.

Tier III Design Certification

The design of the new data center in Diegem was Tier III certified by Uptime Institute. This involved checking the entire design (including all calculations) to ensure conformity with Uptime Institute's Tier III criteria. 

The future data center at LCL Brussels-North
The future data center at LCL Brussels-North

Sustainability is the key to the future

LCL is also at the forefront of the sector when it comes to sustainability.

More and more data center space is required due to the growing use of AI and the computational processing power AI requires, in particular the associated infrastructure and cloud resources. Moreover, because computer infrastructure consumes energy, LCL is constantly thinking about sustainable solutions. Among other things, the data center company is upgrading its cooling installations and is considering alternative cooling methods with a view to further reducing the CO2 emissions of its data centers.

LCL currently uses air to cool its data center spaces, but this will cease to be sufficient at a certain point in time. The data center company is now looking into the possibility of using liquid cooling to achieve greater energy efficiency. LCL has also been devoting attention to the topic of heat recovery.

‘Our ambition remains the same: to become the largest data center operator in Belgium. We intend to grow in a sustainable way, however. And we will also continue to opt for a customer intimacy strategy, which will enable us to achieve sustained growth ’, Laurens van Reijen concluded.

Facts and figures

  • An investment of €30 million in a new data center;
  • Choice of 41 telecom operators;
  • Workforce made up of 46 LCL employees;
  • Upgrading of cooling installations to reduce CO2
Expansion at LCL Brussels-North
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