A new step in the continuous scaling-up of LCL

Diegem, 25 August 2016 - Data center company LCL is fully committed to growth. In addition to the existing data center in Diegem, the company has set up an additional data center of 600 m². This is an investment of 1.9 million euros in construction costs and technical infrastructure. This brings LCL to a total business area of 7000 m² in its data centers in Aalst, Diegem and Antwerp, half of which are "white space", spaces with server racks.

The new data center, LCL Diegem 4, is equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the reliability and security of the servers and data. The lion's share of the investment therefore goes to the technical infrastructure: 1.3 million euros. For example, LCL installed the newest extinguishing system with NOVEC 1230 in the new data center, the most human and environmentally friendly extinguishing gas on the market today.
This makes Diegem 4 the third and most sophisticated building of the LCL site in Diegem.

Scale increase
LCL has data centers in Diegem, Antwerp and Aalst. The additional data center in Diegem is part of a constant increase in scale. After the expansion of the data center in Aalst by 300 m² in 2014, the new data center in Diegem is again responsible for a sensitive expansion.
With the new extension there will also be a second meet-me-room in Diegem. This is a space where customers and telecom operators are connected to each other. "Our data center is Diegem and is one of the most important hubs of data traffic in Belgium," explains Laurens van Reijen, CEO of LCL. “Customers can connect directly to the backbone of the internet, and the various national and international operators are also connected to each other. In Diegem so many different telecom operators come together that a new meet-me-room became necessary. "

LCL has an ISO 14001 certificate for its efforts in the field of environmental management and an ISO 27001 certificate for information security. The ISO 27001 certificate offers LCL customers the certainty that their data is in safe hands. The ISO-14001 certificate shows that good environmental management is of paramount importance to LCL, both in its services to customers and in its own operations.
LCL’s data centers are also Tier 3 certified. A Tier 3 certificate shows that the data centers meet the highest criteria in terms of security and therefore reliability.

In een meet-me-roomworden klanten en telecom-operatoren met elkaar verbonden
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