Good news for the Belgian data center market. NaWas, an on-demand service to combat DDoS attacks, is now available in Belgium via LCL's data centers. This not-for-profit initiative, founded by a group of internet service providers, is community-based, which keeps costs low for participants. Together with LCL, they are thereby contributing to a larger cybersecurity ecosystem, entirely in line with the vision of the Belgian government.

LCL believes that data centers have an important role to play in making the internet as secure as possible. In the view of several government departments, including Minister Dalle's Media Department, cybersecurity and DDoS attacks are important agenda items for the Belgian government. In addition to the security LCL provides as a data center, LCL helps in that capacity in selecting the right partners for the Belgian cybersecurity ecosystem. As a neutral data center, LCL wants to offer a quantity of options, and NaWas comprises a powerful service that can be of great value to LCL customers. Nawas is a great addition to the LCL Security Eco System.

National Anti-DDoS Laundry

NaWas stands for "National Anti-DDoS Mitigation" and provides protection against DDoS attacks on small, medium and large internet and VoIP providers. It is one of the largest DDoS suppression systems in Europe. A DDoS attack involves deliberately sending a lot of traffic to a network or server, causing it to temporarily go offline or become hard to access. When an organisation joins NaWas, traffic is redirected to the NaWas service on detection of such an attack. A thorough "wash" then takes place, after which the provider receives the clean traffic back, allowing it to stay online without any problems.


NaWas in LCL Brussels-North (Diegem)

LCL has several parties, from small to large, that have successfully used NaWas services for years. From now on, the service will also be available in LCL Brussels-North (Diegem). The advantage of this local presence is the impact on latency: the closer it is, the faster action can be taken. All parties with their own AS number can join NaWas.

Already 1,646 DDoS attacks in 2022

An average of five DDoS attacks are carried out daily. NaWas has already registered 1,646 attacks over the past three quarters of 2022. It is part of NBIP, a not-for-profit initiative founded by internet service providers who have joined forces. Together, they are committed to a safer internet using each other's expertise in a cost-effective manner. NaWas has more than 125 participants in Europe using the service every day.

Want to learn more about what NaWas can do for your organisation? Contact Robert van Beurden (LCL) or Frank Dupker (NaWas).

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