LCL Brussels-North becomes Gcore's first location in Belgium

Diegem, 11 September 2023 – As from September 2023, Gcore will have a permanent home at LCL Brussels-North. This will be Gcore's first CDN and Cloud point of presence (PoP) in Belgium. LCL customers will be able to use Gcore's services, while Gcore's customers will benefit from LCL’s excellent connectivity and regional presence around the country. Gcore's arrival will expand the cybersecurity and media ecosystem within LCL, which is something LCL is deeply committed to.

Gcore has selected LCL Data Centers - specifically, the data center in Diegem - as its first location in Belgium. From this location, Gcore will be able to provide Belgian customers with a local, more effective service, while LCL's customers will have access to Gcore's CDN and cloud services.

Expanding the cybersecurity and media ecosystem

Gcore is an international leader in public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, hosting, security and AI solutions. As a central connectivity hub in the Belgian data center landscape, LCL is proud to be the first Belgian player to give access to Gcore’s CDN and Cloud PoP such as AI infrastructure, security and streaming.

“Accommodating Gcore's cloud and edge solutions in our data center will further expand our cybersecurity ecosystem”, explained Laurens van Reijen, managing director of LCL Data Centers. “That will offer our customers even more opportunities. Cybersecurity matters, and it will become even more important as we head towards the future, as DDoS attacks and phishing attempts continue to increase, for example. LCL has been making huge efforts in the area of security for many years, and so we're pleased that our customers can now also access Gcore's services.”

On top of cybersecurity cloud services, Gcore will also contribute to LCL's media ecosystem. Gcore offers, among other things, a cloud solution for low-latency video streaming in the cloud with additional possibilities, such as transcoding, video storage and HTML player.

“Gcore provides flexible and customised solutions for any needs. For example, all services can be scaled up instantly if there is an urgent need for this.”

“We are honoured to be Gcore's first Belgian partner. Together, we offer added value for our own customers and each other’s”, Laurens van Reijen added.

Adding value together

Dmitry Samoshkin, CPO at Gcore, explained why he chose LCL: “Gcore is expanding its infrastructure to better serve our customers by opening a significant point of presence in Belgium. LCL Data Centers is one of the largest data center players in the country. Its regional presence, through five data centers, means LCL is close to its customers, which reduces latency. It knows its customers and the sectors they operate in, it understands and responds to their needs, and with more than 40 carriers at its data center in Diegem it offers excellent connectivity. LCL is the right professional partner to help us win over Belgian customers with our service offering.”

Gcore chooses LCL

About LCL

LCL has many years’ experience and know-how in the field of data centers and colocation, which it offers to clients and partners. The company has five independent data centers: Aalst (LCL Brussels-West), Antwerp (LCL Antwerp), Diegem (LCL Brussels-North), Gembloux (LCL Wallonia One) and Huizingen (LCL Brussels-South). Thanks to its dynamic team and its service reputation, LCL has grown over the years into a company that offers services to customers active in almost every business sector.

Multinationals, small and medium-sized companies, authorities, internet companies and telecom operators all rely on LCL's services. Customers have a choice of 40 carriers and the LCL Cloud Exchange for optimal connectivity. The company is Tier III certified and complies with ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001. LCL is committed to the most ambitious SBTi target and is ISO 14001 certified. In addition, LCL holds ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 type II reports and has TIA-942 Rated-3 Facilities certification.

About Gcore

Gcore is an international leader in public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, hosting, security, and AI solutions. Headquartered in Luxembourg, with a staff of 500+ operating from 12 bases worldwide, Gcore provides its solutions to global leaders in numerous industries. The company has been awarded 25+ industry-leading accreditations. 

Gcore manages its own global IT infrastructure across six continents, with one of the best network performances in Europe, Africa, and LATAM, due to the average response worldwide time of 20−30 ms. Gcore’s network consists of 150+ points of presence around the world in reliable Tier IV and Tier III data centers, with a total capacity exceeding 110 Tbps.

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