Antwerp, 4 September 2018 - LCL, a specialist in data center management, is expanding its data center in Antwerp. The new 200 m² data room is an extension to the two existing rooms. The room is also equipped with the necessary new systems (generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply, fire detection, cooling, etc.) and an additional access lock to increase safety. This is an investment of 600,000 euros.

Because the data center in Antwerp has reached its maximum capacity, LCL is expanding it by 200 m². That is the equivalent of about 70 new racks. The total surface area of ​​the data center is now 500 m². This investment is a planned follow-up to the total renovation of the electrical installations in Antwerp two years ago. The extra data center space is available from October.

“In Antwerp we are often closer to the end user,” explains Laurens van Reijen, managing director of LCL. “Our data center in Diegem is more centrally located, close to Brussels. But many of our customers are outside the capital. To be closer to our customers and to continue serving them from there, we have created that extra space. We always want to be available and therefore continue to invest in additional capacity for our existing and new customers. ”

LCL has data centers in Antwerp, Diegem and Aalst and offers a minimum business continuity of 99.98%. This means that all equipment keeps running during maintenance, for example, because the systems have a backup installation.

Continuous extensions to LCL data centers
Since its foundation, LCL has continued to focus on expansion to keep up with the growing demand. In 2002, Laurens van Reijen took over the Ebone data center in Diegem and so the first LCL data center was a fact. Two years later, the data center in Antwerp was added. In 2011, LCL took over the DataCloud data center in Aalst. The existing 1200 m² in Aalst was further expanded in 2014 with 300 m². Then in 2016 LCL built an additional data center in Diegem with a new meet-me-room, Diegem 4, of 600 m². This is the first expansion of the Antwerp data center.
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