LCL's data centre in Aalst is running at full speed. And by the popular demand of our clients, its capacity gets increased!

On top of the existing infrastructure facilities, which already cover 1,200m², an additional 300m² is being added. The expansion work is due to be completed by the end of March.

The additional facilities will include extra diesel generators, UPS systems, and a back-up battery power supply for the cooling systems.

The new room has a capacity of more than a 100 racks, with a maximum of 114. This means LCL will be equipped to handle the expected growth, and will be able to provide even more clients with guaranteed uptime and redundancy. The aim is to achieve Tier 3-certification for this data centre. This certificate will mean that clients are guaranteed the availability of their data at all times. An audit will be carried out upon completion of the works.

In addition to this 300 m², there is another 1,000 m² still available for any future expansion at the site in Aalst.
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