After Diegem and Antwerp, LCL’s data center in Aalst has now also been checked, reviewed and certified as an IBM level 3 data center. What does this mean for your data?

Data centers are classified according to four levels: 1, 2, 3 and 4. These levels correspond to a number of guarantees regarding the type of hardware used in the data center to ensure redundancy. The IBM levels largely correspond to the Tier levels of TIA-942.

A TIA-942 Tier 3-data center offers 99.98% availability. This configuration makes it possible to manage maintenance cycles without affecting the continuity of the services provided on the servers. In this context, LCL conducts generator tests on a monthly basis. Among other things, these activities are what sets Level 3 certified data centers apart from data centers with only Level 1 or 2 certification.
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