Cloud is in. Any systems integrator you meet, will tell you that they offer cloud solutions, and that you should go cloud. With them, of course. And then… they spoil it all by telling you they resell Amazone (or so).

Dear Systems Integrator. If you don’t have any real knowledge of cloud infrastructure, enough to set up any cloud (yourself) that suits your customer, you might as well not bother. Apart from the fact that you need to be able to really service your client, by giving him extra capacity at his beck and call for instance, there’s the fact that your client may prefer his data to stay in Belgium, so under Belgian law.

One company that is doing really well, is Proact. They’ve recently launched an innovative hybrid cloud solution, housed by LCL data centers (of course). Our newsletter tells you all about that. Proact is comfortable within the cloud ecosystem; they know what they’re talking about. Another example to check out is Nucleus. They’ve been offering hosting solutions for a long time now, and are presently evolving to cloud solutions. In my opinion, Nucleus will be one of the major players in local public cloud solutions in the years to come. Check out this article for more info, in Dutch or French. Another party that has an interesting offering in cloud infrastructure, is Evonet. They’ve partnered with Alcatel-Lucent and Dell, and offer solid cloud infrastructure building blocks.

Let me be quite clear about this: cloud is here to stay, and if you miss this opportunity, I’m not sure you will be amongst the so called ‘fittest that will survive’…

Have a great end of spring and… why not use the summer to get into the cloud?

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