The development of existing sites, the acquisition of the Atos data center in Huizingen and additional expansion plans for the Aalst site: LCL is anything but idle. Despite our growth, we want to continue to provide the highest level of service. In order to achieve this, the number of colleagues has also grown considerably: from eighteen to nearly forty in just three years. We have yet again welcomed new talented colleagues over the past six months. We'd like to introduce them to you.

Nick Velle, 27 years old, Facilities Project Manager  

“After having worked as a project engineer for several years and for multiple clients both at home and abroad, I returned to the place where I grew up: Brussels. I no longer wanted to hop from project to project, but instead dedicate myself to just one company. That's why I chose LCL: A fast-growing organization in an industry with great potential. Here I now hold the position of Facilities Project Manager, responsible for following up the design and construction of new data centers and the optimization of existing sites. I am involved in many different aspects of the data center: from mechanical and electrical to security, monitoring, planning, budgeting, and certification. It's this variety that appeals to me most. The operations team is relatively small, which creates a pleasant working atmosphere and my colleagues are always ready to answer my questions. Even though I’ve only just started working here, I already feel like I'm having an impact in the company and that makes me feel highly motivated. When I'm not working, I like to go running, tinker with my motorcycle or busy myself in the kitchen cooking a Mediterranean dish. I prefer to use my leave for adventurous and active holidays.”

Nick Velle

Mieke Germonprez, 46 years old, Quality Manager/Safety Advisor

“LCL was already well-known to me because of my previous position. As a consultant for an ISPPW (Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work, ed.), I assisted companies with environmental or safety-related issues and with the implementation of management systems. Starting back in the spring of 2018, I found myself at LCL every week to provide support on obtaining ISO 45001, the management system for health and safety at work. LCL is working on more ISOs (ISO27001 for information security, ISO9001 for quality and ISO14001 for the environment) and was planning to appoint one person to be responsible for all of this. The timing was perfect because I also wanted to focus more on just one company. Then I would also be able to see the results of everything I’m implementing. That's something you don't often get to experience as a consultant. LCL created a new position and I was given the unique opportunity to shape it myself. As Quality Manager, I face the challenge of securing all certificates, making the processes more efficient, and integrating these wherever possible. When I started at LCL, I was already familiar with the culture, the human approach and over seventy percent of my colleagues. It felt like coming home. Because I already knew LCL well, I was immediately assigned to operational matters from the very first week; in addition, I also make time for the more strategic matters required by ISO. After my day's work, I love to go outside in my spare time: walking, playing tennis, having a barbecue, or having a drink in an open-air café.

Mieke Germonprez

Steve Geerts, 20 years old, Field Technician

“At twenty years old, I am the youngest colleague at LCL to my knowledge. In my previous job I was a warehouse keeper for a large company that supplies Brussels with street and metro lighting. I wanted to get a job that was more in line with my studies, i.e. electrical engineering. As a Field Technician at LCL, I take care of the connections for companies and lay cables, from fiber cables to DC board power cables. I also have the opportunity to obtain my BA4 and BA5 here. A whole new world opened up for me: the world of data. I don’t think many people realize what is needed before companies can exchange their data. I too have learned a lot about this. One day I hope to pass this knowledge on to someone else. Every day at work is different for me, which makes the week fly by. On the weekend, I like to tinker with motorcycles and cars. I also make videos, like short films about motorcycles for instance. In addition to the job being very varied, I also enjoy the customer-friendliness and collegiality at LCL. The company is already well on its way to getting a lot bigger. I hope we continue to grow and that I can play my part in this.”

Steve Geerts

David Schauwvliege, 47 years old, Senior Facilities Engineer 

“I have worked at Honda for a long time as an Operational Manager for Facilities & Purchasing. For the last four years, I have worked as a contract manager for two different maintenance service providers. However, I wanted more ownership of the installations. That's how I ended up in the position of Senior Facilities Engineer at LCL. In this role, together with my colleagues, I monitor the electricity supply and cooling of the data rooms, among other things. My responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining the installations, as well as solving technical problems. I have been working at LCL for seven months now. The integration went smoothly thanks to my previous work experience and very helpful colleagues. LCL offers a pleasant working environment where everyone helps each other, even outside standard working hours. The distance between colleagues is small, which made me feel welcome instantly. I already know the installations a bit better and feel that I am now ready to get more deeply involved. For now, I have plenty of challenges ahead of me here. In addition, LCL is growing fast, so it won't get boring here any time soon. I don't have to worry about that at home either. I have four children. We like to go for walks together or build something out of Lego. I've also started baking and cooking recently: I think my cream and chocolate meringues and rice pudding are pretty good. I'm also making paella more often.”

David Schauwvliege

Gamze Tuglu, 24 years old, Administrative Operations Assistant

“During my studies, I worked as a Sales Advisor in the Sky Shop at the airport. Last year I graduated in Office Management - Business and Languages, after which I immediately started looking for a challenging position in that field. It was then that Dimitri Vanschoenwinkel from the LCL HR department drew my attention to a very attractive vacancy with an extensive range of responsibilities and opportunities for growth. It didn’t take long to convince me. As Administrative Operations Assistant, I am now responsible for access and customer deliveries at all LCL's data centers. I also follow up on internal orders. I received a very warm welcome on my first day. LCL is like a family, everyone helps each other. The company has a flat structure, so I can go to anyone with my questions. I also get plenty of opportunities to learn and further develop. When I'm not working, I like to go on holidays, go out with friends or go shopping.” 

Gamze Tuglu

Alexander Lesuisse, 29 years old, Facilities Engineer

“In my previous job at ENGIE, I was responsible for, among other things, the maintenance of installations and the monitoring of techniques. However, I preferred a job in the high-tech sector. The world of data centers has had my interest for a long time, especially because you are always working on the 'newest equipment'. There are no installations that are 20 to 30 years old. It seemed to me a huge challenge to ensure that installations continue to run smoothly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I am now happy to contribute to this in the role of Facilities Engineer at LCL. My range of tasks is versatile: from upgrading the monitoring, to making improvement proposals and detecting problems at an early stage. Our facilities team of 4 people is a very nice and helpful team. There is a good atmosphere and you can always knock on anyone's door. Besides my job, I enjoy a terrace or a good restaurant in my spare time. I also like to play tennis and I like swimming.”


Johan Overloop, age 47, Facilities Manager

“My career has followed an interesting path: I started out at an electrical components wholesaler and then moved into maintaining fire and alarm systems. That’s how I ended up in the IT world. At first, I was responsible for managing networks, but this soon evolved into managing data centres and offices. Before I joined LCL, it was my job to adjust the design of a new prison to ensure that maintenance could be carried out smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Still, I always felt like I was missing something, but I’ve found it at LCL: working with many special techniques in an industry that runs 24/7. As a Facilities Manager, I get a lot of energy from looking for solutions to perform maintenance without interruptions, and ensuring that we can work in a more energy-efficient way. Of course, our biggest challenge is to become energy-neutral, but I believe we’ve already come a long way! The LCL team is a perfect mix combining the experience of both younger and older employees, who all enjoy learning from each other. In my free time, I like to enjoy a gourmet dinner or spend time with my family and friends. To relax, I play minifootball (aka indoor soccer), and I like to travel to get to know other cultures and places.”

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