The European Commission is currently organising a series of major consultations that will be decisive for the future of telecom operators, providers of cloud computing solutions, Internet services, and audio-visual media, i.e. a substantial part of the economy.

The outcome of these consultations will help shape the future legal and regulatory framework. Certain proposals may even impact on who will or will not be part of the market....

These consultations enable the European Commission to gather information and points of view in order to shape future legalisation and regulations. It would also like input on adaptations that market players consider relevant for technological or market reasons. All this input should then result in an optimal European digital strategy.

All European Commission consultations are included in a list, which is admittedly not always entirely clear. Anyone can respond to these consultations.

Some of the consultations that I would like to draw attention to are those on the review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services, and on the needs for Internet speed and quality beyond 2020.

The deadline for both consultations is 7 December 2015. The Commission will publish the responses at the latest one month after the deadline. A summary of the responses will be put on line by 7 March 2016. I expect the first proposals for new legislation on these matters around the summer of 2016.

Consultations are also being held on Internet platforms and telecom standards, including 5G.

The consultations on the regulatory framework and on Internet platforms in particular will impact on which players will be market participants after 2020.

I therefore encourage you to take part in these consultations so that your point of view is heard.

Other interesting consultations include those organised by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). BEREC has just completed consultations relating to draft reports on Internet services (OTT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Among other things, the IoT report outlines the (technical and other) conditions for ensuring the success of the IoT. BEREC’s ongoing public consultations can be reached via the following link.

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