Figure of the month: 1.143.154

More than a million devices connected to the wireless network offered by Citymesh, LCL and Evonet, free of charge, during the Gentse Feesten festival.

We have a few more numbers for fans of figures:
  • 21.246 people made a conscious decision to connect to the network. Many devices are programmed to connect to public Wi-Fi networks by default, but these 21,246 people also visited the Gentse Feesten web portal.
  • 12.466 people signed on to the Wi-Fi network using a social login, logging on an average of four times each.
  • 706,72 GB of data were downloaded.
  • 309,37 GB of data were uploaded, which is an extremely high figure when set against the volume of data downloaded. This means that a large number of photos and films were uploaded, as text messages are negligible in terms of data volume.
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