In our pursuit of excellent client service and transparency, LCL recently ordered a thorough and detailed survey that collects data for our Customer Performance Index (CPI). This research endeavour was conducted in collaboration with Profacts. The goal was clear: to understand how our clients perceive us, measure their satisfaction levels, and pinpoint areas where we can elevate the client experience. This robust survey serves not just as a report card but as a strategic guide for our continuous improvement.

A survey snapshot: balancing high standards

Our overarching CPI score of 73 is a testament to our strong standing. Impressively, 92% of clients rated us 8/10 or higher, positioning LCL as a standout player, with 61% among the best in our competitive landscape. Importantly, this reflects stability compared to our 2022 score of 74.

While the client satisfaction score remains high, marked by an impressive 84% of participants giving us a score of 8 or higher, there's a subtle regression from our 2022 score of 91%. Clients exhibited unwavering loyalty, signaling a reluctance to switch to competitors in the next five years. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) aligns with this sentiment, standing slightly better than 2022 at +48.

Trustworthy operations

All of LCL's operational facets are well-received. We continue to excel in data center functional quality, with a noteworthy 92% rating us 8/10 or better. Operational aspects remain a focal point for driving client engagement, reflecting the robust foundation of our services.

While feedback on communication is positive, we've identified some areas for improvement. Specifically, responsiveness to complaints and proactive communication about new procedures are two areas we can work on. Communication, the cornerstone of engagement, is a domain in which we are dedicated to raising the bar in the coming year.

Building reliable and sustainable facilities

Facility aspects are paramount for our clients, and this is where LCL truly shines. Our buildings exude safety, cleanliness, and trustworthiness, garnering high satisfaction. Moving forward, we hold a commitment to fine-tuning facilities based on client suggestions.

As for sustainability, we're also making strides in green awareness, with a consistent improvement over the years. Notably, only 37% are now unaware of our sustainability initiatives, down from 50% in 2021. This progress aligns with global sustainability goals and reflects our dedication to a greener future.

LCL Wallonia One

The blueprint for 2024: better communication, real results

Looking forward, we're sharpening our communication focus - being more responsive and proactive to ensure clarity and a smoother experience. Your feedback guides us as we address concerns and take steps towards a more comfortable and efficient environment. Plus, we're still as committed as ever to embracing sustainability.

In summary, our CPI score of 73, beating the sector benchmark, marks us as leaders. High loyalty and satisfaction show clients stick with us for the value we bring. Promising results on various KPIs validate our standing and drive us to improve steadily. We aim for memorable client interactions, operational excellence, and a commitment to quality across all our services.

These insights not only celebrate our strengths but also guide our path to continuous improvement. Our dedication to transparency, excellence, and innovation remains strong as we move towards the end of the year and into the next one.

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