LCL has released a team of experts with a sledgehammer and a crowbar in the building next to its existing data center in Kouterveldstraat, Diegem. This was done as part of the installation of 700 m² of additional data center infrastructure for new and existing clients.

LCL continues to focus on growth. Following the expansion of the Aalst data center from approximately 13,000 ft² to approximately 16,000 ft² in 2014, the Diegem data center is being tackled this year. LCL has an investment budget of approximately € 2,500,000 for this project.

Until recently, the building next to LCL's current data center housed some of Level 3 Communications' data center activities. The end of that lease meant that the way was clear for LCL to expand its facilities for new data center infrastructure. The newly vacated building is large enough to house at least 300 racks, an increase of 30% of the existing data center.

The first phase of this new project involved the demolition of the walls and floors. Click here to see the results of the demolition work.
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