This year's edition of the LCL Carrier Event took place in Dilbeek on 18 May. LCL invited telecom operators to attend the event, network and discuss market trends. The presentation of the LCL Carrier Awards was the highlight of the evening for many of those present. Moreover, the Carrier Event ensured everyone was aware of the latest developments in the carrier world, including the On Demand Services from Colt and GTT's DDoS Mitigation solution.

Colt – On Demand Services

Colt has launched a new service for real-time, software-based connectivity. The disruptive On Demand Services technology allows customers to reserve ethernet services on the Colt IQ Network in real time. Specifically, customers can order a network connection through a portal and obtain immediate delivery. They are able to increase or reduce their bandwidth for connecting to businesses, data centers and cloud providers at any time. Moreover, the process takes only a few minutes.

A fiber connection to the Colt network needs to be present, as is the case at LCL. Some 700 data centers and 19,000 businesses are currently connected to the Colt fiber network and available for On Demand Services at both a national and international level. Colt is working on increasing the maximum capacity of the On Demand Services from maximum 1 GB to maximum 10 GB.
For more information, please contact Peter Coppens at Colt.


GTT – DDoS Mitigation Service

GTT recently expanded its Managed Security suite by launching the DDoS Mitigation service, a solution that protects businesses from malicious internet traffic. The goal of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks is to make specific services unavailable. The DDoS Mitigation Service provides automated, real-time detection and mitigation of attacks, and also scrubs traffic from affected businesses, ensuring the continuity and security of clients' business operations.

Clients can view information on network traffic and access detailed reports on attacks through GTT's client portal. There is a default, always-on option for immediate, proactive filtering, and an on-demand solution is also available.

DDoS attacks are growing in size, sophistication and frequency, and often lead to unforeseen costs and reputational damage. Having a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan is therefore essential, as the recent cyber attacks go to show.
For more information, please contact Hans Declercq at GTT.
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