We at LCL are proud to introduce another innovation in our security process: our enhanced LCL Identifier. The LCL Identifier is a unique and tailor-made solution, developed especially for LCL. It does an airtight identity check of all visitors who want to enter our data centers. This identity check prepares for the two-factor authentication in the mantrap, at the entrance to the data center. In this way, our clients have an absolute guarantee that only the people they authorise will get in.

Brand-new and airtight identity check implemented in Diegem already

The LCL Identifier is now operational in LCL Brussels-North (Diegem). It will be implemented shortly at our other sites: LCL Brussels-West (Aalst) on 22 June, and soon after in LCL Antwerp and LCL Brussels-South (Huizingen).

After the new LCL Identifier is implemented in the data center, visitors seeking permanent or temporary access will only need to have their identity checked once. For one-time access, you will receive a new code every time you want to enter. With every new code, you need to go through the procedure.

If you work for different customers at LCL data centers, you’ll need to register for every customer separately. You’ll need a different code for each one of your customers. With each code, you need to do the LCL Identifier check.

How does it work?

First you do an identity check in the LCL Identifier. Then you do the two-factor authentication in the mantrap, in order to enter the data center.

The LCL Identifier literally identifies the person standing in front of it. The validity of your ID-card or passport gets checked against a worldwide passport database. Afterwards, a picture of your face is taken by the LCL Identifier and checked against the photo on your ID-card or passport by facial recognition software. Lastly, a palm reader scans the blood vessels of your hand and converts this reading into a digital number, which is saved for comparison purposes. If both steps are carried out correctly, your personal code gets activated.

You then proceed to the mantrap, where you have to enter your personal code on the keyboard. Afterwards, the digital number created from your hand palm reading by the LCL Identifier will be checked against a new hand palm reading. This two-factor authentication gives you entry into the mantrap, and finally into the data center.

We’re all set for this new security check

This additional security innovation clearly underlines LCL Data Centers’ commitment to outstanding security standards and confirms once more our dedication to reliability. In this way, the person responsible for the data center activities on behalf of our clients can be entirely sure that only the people he has designated will get into our data centers.

LCL identifier
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