Have you ever booked a meeting room at one of LCL's facilities? Or made a telephone call to the central number of LCL? Then chances are that you might already have met one of these ladies! Joëlle (HR & Manager Marketing), Ann (Junior Office Manager), and Evelien (Office Assistant) combine 60 years of experience in various sectors. From administration, human resources, and accounting, to marketing, prevention and safety in the workplace... Thanks to the synergy of competencies and experience this team offers undeniable added value to LCL. Together they have been working at LCL for 15 years.

LCL places a great deal of value on collegiality, something that is definitely a key feature of this back office team. "One of the reasons the team is so effective is our mix of competencies. We complement each other really well. And we always provide back-up for each other. We have been on lots of training courses, and organised them as well, so we have acquired an extensive range of skills. We strive to optimise the added value of each of our colleagues", Joëlle says.

"We also put an emphasis on respect, security, and integrity", Ann adds. "We deal with confidential client information every single day. It is therefore extremely important that we treat this information with respect. Data security is a major priority! We also make sure that everything - including the buildings and the systems - is properly insured. We must ensure our clients, that everything will quickly return operational even if there is a fire or other damage."

The back office team has also made 'green thinking' an integral part of their work. "We are totally focussed on reducing environmental impact and energy consumption. When we place orders, where possible, we always go for the greenest option. We try to cut out uneconomical use of paper and we always sort our waste", says Joëlle. "You won't find a greener data centre or back office team anywhere."

"Most of the communication with clients goes through us as well", continues Evelien. "This ranges from invoicing and answering enquiries quickly, to keeping the website up-to-date, sending out newsletters, and handling the organisation of events. Customers who want to use a meeting room can refer back to us. We are the welcoming-team. ☺"

"Our CEO Laurens van Reijen is a true visionary. He has a lot of good ideas. It is up to us - the back office team - to translate these ideas into concrete actions. Some of his ideas can be pretty challenging, but that's what gives us that extra motivation to fully commit to LCL", says the team in conclusion.
And Sandra Vandamme? "She is our virtual colleague, the point of contact for our newsletters. ☺" 

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