Our team

Our team. Your team. You can count on that. Each of our 20 driven employees fully supports your success. Because we like to think along with you. We know our business and you yours. And thus we come together to the best solution for your company.

In order to evolve with your business - and ours, of course - every one of our team invests heavily in training and further training. Feeling with your market is important to us. And for our data center, our experts all have unrivaled expertise and practical experience. Feel free to come along, for a no-obligation conversation, or for a tour of the data center. Or just for a coffee. Because we are ready for you.

We want to make it as pleasant as possible for you. Because we admit ourselves, a data center, that is sometimes just a bit boring. That's why we have set up a modern and cozy cozy corner to escape. And to meet. Because our meeting rooms are also available for free to our customers.

Our team. That's also your team.