Today’s eclipse, solar panels and disaster recovery

20 maart 2015

Today, if clouds don’t spoil it for us, we’ll get to see a solar eclipse. On a sunny day, an eclipse translates into 40% less electricity from solar panels. Given the shaky state of the electricity supply in Belgium, I do hope you have a backup server room or data center, just in case we should get the long feared electricity blackout after all. Lees meer

Ethernet leased lines shortly available throughout Belgium at better conditions via your favourite o

10 maart 2015

The company formerly known as Belgacom, nowadays branded Proximus, is about to lose one of its remaining monopolies. The Ethernet leased lines on its network will shortly be on offer throughout Belgium from its competitors as well. Lees meer

One standard for Data Centers

8 januari 2015

A single standard for data centers? Yes, please! Lees meer

European internet

18 december 2014

LCL: As we think about a European internet, let’s rethink internet architecture Lees meer
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