Data security doesn’t really seem to be a priority…

13 januari 2017

A survey of Belgian, quoted companies, commissioned by LCL, shows that only 3% of the targeted companies ever test their power backup systems by actually turning off the electricity. Meaning that they will only learn whether or not the power backup systems work when there is a power cut. That’s like buying skis and not trying them on before you actually hit the snow. Or going hiking with brand new boots, straight from your favourite online shop. The only guaranteed result is sore feet. Lees meer

Comatose servers: things will get worse before they get better

20 september 2016

Thirty percent of servers around the world are doing nothing at all. They are switched on, ready for service, and actively draw power and consume resources such as cooling, yet no-one would notice if someone decided to turn them off. Lees meer

The Internet of Things and the impact on IT systems and connectivity

26 mei 2016

Slowly but surely, organisations are now starting to experiment with the Internet of Things (IoT). How will this impact IT systems and connectivity? Lees meer

Liggen onze overheden wakker van de veiligheid van hun data?

4 maart 2016

Het bankwezen in België heeft de boodschap begrepen. De Nationale Bank van België (NBB) heeft eind 2015 een circulaire rondgestuurd naar alle Belgische financiële instellingen met richtlijnen voor hun operationele bedrijfscontinuïteit en databeveiliging. Wie wil er nu niet dat zijn zuurverdiende centen veilig zijn? Lees meer
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