Guest Blog – What it’s like to work at LCL: Matthias Borremans, Facilities Project Manager

3 juli 2017

Ecological cooling systems

Matthias Borremans is LCL’s Facilities Project Manager.

He joined the company nearly a year ago. What exactly does his job entail? And which projects does he oversee?

Matthias tells all in this guest blog.

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66% of quoted companies have a cloud-strategy

9 juni 2017

Our survey of companies quoted on Euronext Brussels, shows that 66% of them has a cloud strategy. Lees meer

Let’s join forces for data center outsourcing

24 april 2017

Over the past years, I have made attempts, with the Dutch Datacenter Association, to set up a Belgian Datacenter Association in one form or another, in order to promote the interests of data centers in our country. Lees meer

A data center guideline for quoted companies: a call to action for FSMA?

14 februari 2017

A survey of Belgian, quoted companies that LCL ordered, showed that data security is not seen as essential within IT governance, not even with quoted companies. Lees meer
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