66% of quoted companies have a cloud-strategy

9 juni 2017

Our survey of companies quoted on Euronext Brussels, shows that 66% of them has a cloud strategy. Lees meer

Let’s join forces for data center outsourcing

24 april 2017

Over the past years, I have made attempts, with the Dutch Datacenter Association, to set up a Belgian Datacenter Association in one form or another, in order to promote the interests of data centers in our country. Lees meer

A data center guideline for quoted companies: a call to action for FSMA?

14 februari 2017

A survey of Belgian, quoted companies that LCL ordered, showed that data security is not seen as essential within IT governance, not even with quoted companies. Lees meer

Data security doesn’t really seem to be a priority…

13 januari 2017

A survey of Belgian, quoted companies, commissioned by LCL, shows that only 3% of the targeted companies ever test their power backup systems by actually turning off the electricity. Meaning that they will only learn whether or not the power backup systems work when there is a power cut. That’s like buying skis and not trying them on before you actually hit the snow. Or going hiking with brand new boots, straight from your favourite online shop. The only guaranteed result is sore feet. Lees meer
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