Blockchain and data center: a happy marriage?

4 juli 2018

Do blockchain and data centers go hand in hand? Lees meer

What do YOU prefer: a ‘self-service’ cloud provider or rather a ‘services-included’ cloud provider?

1 februari 2018

It took some time to convince businesses to migrate to the cloud – and there is still a certain percentage that hasn’t done so. They didn’t quite trust their applications and data would be secure. But now that many companies – large and small – see the advantages of the cloud, we get the opposite problem: there is too much trust. Lees meer

Do you really want to give up your freedom?

24 oktober 2017

It continues to amaze me that people choose to house their servers in data centers owned by telecom operators. Lees meer

A data center day?

12 juli 2017

A couple of days ago, a fiber line was damaged in Zaventem, near Brussels. Lees meer
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