Een goed DCIM, het alziend oog van LCL

14 mei 2019

Klanten van LCL kunnen op hun beide oren slapen. Bij LCL waken we immers 7 dagen op 7, 24 uur op 24 over de servers in onze datacenters. Staat u er wel eens bij stil hoe dat praktisch in zijn werk gaat? Een uitstekend Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is onze sleutel tot succes.

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Driving down energy consumption

19 maart 2019

With a wave of climate related protests sweeping Belgium and several other European countries, it is clear that climate change has taken hold of the public’s attention. At LCL we are well aware of our position in this problem. Data centers consume a lot of energy. The ICT-sector is responsible for 2 percent of worldwide CO2-emissions, according to the United Nations. With the advent of further digitalisation and cloud computing, that figure is set to climb even higher in the future. Lees meer

Your apps are like icebergs

11 februari 2019

Why do we love our mobile devices so much? Simply for the ease of use. The apps on it make everyting available at the touch of a finger. As simple as it may seem, there's a complex infrastructure behind these apps. Data centers and connectivity play a major role in this. Lees meer

Will there be sufficient people to run our digital lives?

8 januari 2019

Will there be sufficient people to run our digital lives? An interesting article on how we need to prepare our workforces for the future and why you should outsource your data center management to a specialised data center like LCL.
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