Why choose LCL if you're a telecom operator?

LCL data centres are located on fibreglass junctions.
More than 30 telecom operators are already benefiting from our services, as well as a whole host of customers:
our offer of separate and shared data centres is unique in Belgium.

We offer you no less than two 'meet-me rooms', making it easy for you to connect with customers
and other operators (redundant).
Our staff will have you connected in no time – all it takes is just one cable.
Our three locations are centrally located and can therefore be accessed quickly.
Our end user customers typically require a lot of bandwidth and often use several operators.
They, of course, also receive a list of all in-house operators.
Moreover, we work proactively to put you in touch with potential customers.

We do what we can to make everything as easy as possible for you.
Should you ever need patches, racks, structured cabling, ODF shelves or an extensive log book,
we can easily provide these for you upon request.
Our employees have extensive experience in structured cabling and will gladly test the quality of
your connections for you,using specialized equipment.

Find out for yourself: in addition to first-rate connectivity and redundancy,
we are completely dedicated to your business success!