Visit our data center

At LCL, we are proud of what we do and we are happy to share our passion with you.
Interested in a visit to our data center? It can be done! We are happy to open our doors to schools, companies, governments and anyone who is curious about how a data center works.


What does a visit to the data center entail?

During a visit to one of our data centers, you will learn where and how the gigantic amount of data that we create every day is securely stored and exchanged. We will give you a tour of our server rooms and show you how we make our data centers a secure, well-monitored environment for your infrastructure.

Click on one of our locations to obtain more information

LCL Data Center Brussels – North (Diegem)

Brussels is the center of Europe and Belgium. With fast connections to world cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam, it is not only a traffic hub; it is also an international data traffic/connectivity hub. A large number of important IT suppliers are just a stone's throw from the data center in Diegem.

LCL Data Center Brussels – West (Aalst)

Just like the other LCL data centers, the one in Aalst is also carrier-neutral. This means you choose yourself which telecom operator you connect to. If you come from West or East Flanders, this data center is ideally located to save you travelling time and distance. In addition, a Tier 3 data center is unique in this region.

LCL Data Center Antwerp

There is also a data center available to you in Antwerp. The city is also an important Internet hub. The redundant data centre is equipped with renewed electrical installations, fire and leak detection, climate control and physical security.

LCL Data Center Brussels – South (Huizingen)

The Atos data center in Huizingen is LCL's fourth location and the third around Brussels. Scale is important in the data center world because of the large investments involved and the continuous need to implement the latest technologies and techniques. LCL includes the data center in its portfolio under the name "LCL data center Brussels South". At the moment, the data center is completely occupied by Atos and its customers. However, there is still room to build and serve other parties in the future.

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