Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM)

Christelijke Mutualiteit is a Belgian health insurance fund that offers its members an extensive package of services and benefits, both online and offline. Five years ago, CM moved its second data center to LCL in Diegem. With its 4.5 million members, security and connectivity are essential for the daily operations of the health insurance fund.

Challenge: creating a secure and efficient environment for the sensitive data of (former) members


Security of sensitive data

In addition to the personal data of 4.5 million CM members, the data of all ex-members is also kept under strict conditions. This means that the personal data of about half the Belgian population can be found on CM's servers. It goes without saying that the security of the data was the most important requirement when choosing the right data center partner.



The large number of members naturally provides for a lot of data traffic. The more than a thousand virtual servers process between 1.5 and 2 million transactions every day, accounting for about €50 million in payouts per day. These transactions include medical certificates, hospital and pharmacy bills, as well as disability benefits. This means there is also important data traffic between CM and the hospitals, care providers, INAMI, the company registers and social security that have to be safeguarded.

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“When one of the members goes to the pharmacist, his/her identity is checked on the basis of the identity card. When registering, a connection is made with the CM's systems. Does our system confirm that the person is a member of our health insurance fund? The member will then only have to pay his/her share (the patient contribution). This system must work flawlessly at all times. So we have to be able to rely on our data center and connections being operational 24/7.”

Solution: migrate the second data center from CM to LCL

CM has two data center with most applications running simultaneously at both locations. In the event of an issue at one location, the system will therefore continue to function without any problems. When one of the two locations was closed, CM started looking for an external partner.

A well-managed Belgian data center

“We wanted a robust, well-managed Belgian data center that could also guarantee good data access. At LCL, we found a brand new, state-of-the-art data center that could provide solid guarantees in terms of security,” commented Koen Crabbe, director of ICT infrastructure at CM.

The servers were migrated to a client room at LCL Diegem. This migration was closely monitored and supported by one of our employees. This resulted in a flawless migration, with the data remaining available to CM at all times.

“At LCL, we found a brand new, state-of-the-art data center that could provide solid guarantees in terms of security” – Koen Crabbe, director of ICT infrastructure at CM.

lcl data servers

Result: a reliable partner found in LCL

Christelijke Mutualiteit is very satisfied with the way LCL works: “The staff are competent, dedicated and have a very personal and customer-oriented approach. That means that the day-to-day cooperation with LCL runs very smoothly.”

Additional migration options

The four different locations where LCL has a presence were also a plus for the health insurance fund. “If we ever decide to outsource our first data center, we know that we can go to LCL in Aalst, for example, with a reliable data connection between the two locations. The fact that we can still expand within the walls of LCL means that many scenarios are possible in the future."


Smooth cooperation

We are also very satisfied internally with the cooperation with Christelijke Mutualiteit. “People don't realise how much and what IT infrastructure is needed to organise their reimbursements when they put a yellow sticker on their doctor's note,” says Laurens Van Reijen, CEO of LCL. “CM is one of the biggest players in Belgium when it comes to data storage and data traffic. We are, of course, very proud that the largest health insurance fund in the country has entrusted its data center to us.”

More and more organisations, from companies to government departments, need 24/7 operational reliability for their servers and network due to increased digitisation. "CM is an example for those organisations of how a business network can be set up and managed in a professional way."

Added Business Value

Flexible expansion of racks possible
Guarantees in terms of security
Four different locations provide additional migration opportunities
Personal and customer-oriented approach
Local player
Belgian data center, where strict privacy legislation applies

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