LCL acquires data center from DataCloud

LCL already has data centers in Diegem and Antwerp. The location of the third center on the outskirts of Brussels in Aalst is ideal because it meets the industry requirement of having sufficient distance between the main data center site and the backup location. There are a number of data centers that are located too close to one another in the Brussels region, mainly concentrated in the business areas of Zaventem, Diegem and Machelen. This means that not having the required distance of 30 kilometres between two data centers often tends to create a problem on account of this high level of concentration.

Another benefit of the Aalst site is that the location of the new data center saves customers from East and West Flanders the inconvenience of having to sit in traffic jams, because they do not have to take the Brussels ring road to reach the center. Also, there are no other alternative top-quality data centers in those two regions.

The acquisition of DataCloud is part of LCL´s expansion plans. LCL has many years of expertise in running data centers and has its own team of technical specialists who handle maintenance, operations and further expansion. “Running a data center is becoming more complex all the time, ” says Laurens van Reijen, managing director of LCL. “We have all the expertise we need in-house and intend to strengthen our position as a dependable data center outsourcing partner in the marketplace by offering both our existing and future customers the very latest solutions. ”

LCL´s new data center currently has a floor area of 1200m² and has the capability of being expanded to 2500m². Like LCL´s other sites, the DataCloud data center will be converted to be a carrier-neutral center. Having three data centers makes LCL one of the major players in the Belgian market.

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