At LCL, we believe that we have a responsibility to combat climate change as much as possible. We have an important role to play in ensuring that we stay below the 1.5°C limit of global warming – the limit established by scientists. We’re aware that the decisions and actions we take today have long-term effects on biodiversity, the climate, and our environment. That’s why LCL continuously focuses on making sustainability an important part of all its processes. In this way, we aim to contribute to a safe and liveable future for everyone.

For us, sustainability means not only limiting CO2 emissions and generating as well as using green energy, but also creating a sustainable working environment. We believe in the added value of equality and diversity; in addition, honesty and transparency are two of our most important values.

LCL acknowledges its pioneering role in the data center sector and aims to be an example for other players in the Belgian and European data center industry. Our sustainable goals are guaranteed by our active participation in the following (policy) initiatives.

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European Green Deal

According to the European Commission, data centers in the EU are responsible for 2.7% of the European electricity demand. This is one of the reasons the European Green Deal was launched as part of the European Union’s mission to make data centers climate neutral by 2030. Energy efficiency, 100% green energy, water saving, reuse and recovery of servers, and heat recycling are central pillars within this effort.

Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

In line with the European Green Deal, the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (CNDCP) aims to make all data centers in the EU climate neutral. This pact is a self-regulatory initiative, supported by several leading cloud infrastructure providers and data center managers.

Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

LCL is the first Belgian data center company to be affiliated with SBTi. Worldwide, only 2007 companies are registered. In this context, achievable targets have been set at the level of:

  • direct emissions (e.g. diesel consumption)

  • indirect emissions (e.g. purchased electricity)

  • indirect emissions in upstream activities (e.g. transport of cleaning crew, purchased goods)

  • indirect emissions in downstream activities (e.g. waste processing).

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European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency

LCL is also the first data center in Belgium to be an ambassador for the Code of Conduct, an initiative of the European Commission aimed at reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and global warming in the data center sector.


LCL holds various ISO certifications, including ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001. These certifications, granted by an independent body, prove that LCL complies with predefined standards and requirements with regard to environmental management, safety, information security, quality management and the effort towards continuous improvement.

Curious to know more about how LCL implements sustainability? Get in touch about making your data center more sustainable.

"Are IT and Sustainability In The Same Team?"

"Are IT and Sustainability In The Same Team?"

Roundtable Report CIONET and LCL

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