December 2015

Nucleus celebrates its 15th birthday

Our partner and neighbor Nucleus has now been in business for 15 years. In that time – with a dedicated and continually growing team – it has developed into one of our country's leading hosting companies.

Today, Nucleus clients include Kinepolis, Option, BKCP, Weba and Tele Ticket Service.


Nucleus calls itself a 'hosting solution builder':

  • Hosting is the core business. Nucleus offers hosting and everything connected with it.

  • Solution: David Geens and Wouter Sergeyssels, the founders and managing partners of Nucleus, have a background in consultancy. Their motto: listen first, then speak, then take action.

  • Builder: Nucleus adopts a hands-on approach. For both software and hardware, they do not depend on external technicians.

Nucleus clearly focuses on uptime-as-a-service. Find out exactly what that means here.

Nucleus wants above all to be a sound business. Which means no cowboy tactics, but sensible operational and financial policies. In other words: stability both in the balance sheet and in the racks. That is why Nucleus chooses LCL as one of the data centers to store its data.


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