From software to data center
Xavier Warnier has 14 years of professional experience. He mainly built this up as a consultant in the software industry, including at Systemat. He specialized in ERP systems and applications. For three years he held a general management positions as a Business Unit Manager in the print sector. Now he opts for LCL, a data center. Working in a completely new domain intrigued and convinced him. The world of LCL as a data center was therefore completely new to Xavier. He does feel enormously supported by extensive guidance during his training period. "Every month I receive about 4 to 5 training courses, both product-related, safety and technical," says Xavier. "Moreover, there is good communication between management and employees, so that input can be given internally in both directions."

Thinking along for a total solution
As a Business developer at LCL, Xavier has a challenging position. “At LCL, it's not just about the customer's signature. We sit down with him at the table, look at the challenges and find out how LCL can offer a solution. That process has evolved considerably in recent years. Data centers no longer just sell space. It is now mainly about working out a total solution for the customer, by thinking along with him. We want to offer added value with our partner ecosystem. In addition, we offer support with the best advice and optimum guidance. Moreover, my job does not stop after closing a deal. We follow up the client and guide him through his new course. "

A specific purchase process
The long purchase process at LCL was new for Xavier. “It's about infrastructure and approach decisions that can have a major impact for the customer. He often needs time to properly consider the various options. There is more to it than drawing up a quote and closing the sale. ”For example, LCL offers the choice of data centers at 3 locations and around 40 telecom operators. “The customer can also opt for a connection with multiple telecom operators or for Public Cloud Exchanges. That way, he can build in even more security in terms of business continuity. "

Flexibility in times of change
The data center world is changing rapidly. “Trends such as digitization, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality have a major impact. The need for data collection and connectivity is constantly increasing. As a data center, we can of course respond to this more flexibly than a company with its own server room or on premise data center. LCL uses a forward-looking approach in that area. "
A heart for adventure
Xavier likes to seek out adventure in his spare time. He is passionate about extreme sports such as windsurfing, kiteboarding and snowboarding. Travel and good food are activities to his heart. In the remaining time he tries to work as a volunteer for the non-profit association "Fête un rêve". This organization makes dreams come true of children who are seriously ill or who have had a difficult period.
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