Abdellah, Daniel, Gilles, Inge, John, Marc, Sam, and Sindhu are all members of the Operations team of LCL.

Each member makes a significant individual contribution to the continuous operation of the three data centers in Diegem, Aalst, and Antwerp. 

Have you ever wondered who is making sure your company data is handled confidentially, and who is making sure your data is available at all times and protected against fire and theft?

Abdellah ’s team has everything covered! Since January 2012, Abdellah has been responsible for supervising the operational activities at the three sites of LCL. He ensures that his team members have all the resources at their disposal in order to guarantee stable and reliable performance.

Daniel  is the longest-serving team member with five years of solid experience.
He knows LCL like the back of his hand.
As Facilities Engineer, Daniel has a very multifaceted job. For example, he is responsible for the air conditioning systems, intrusion prevention, fire detection, the access control systems, and the electrical supply throughout the entire building. Daniel knows everyone on-site personally. He is also in charge of monitoring the systems. Whenever a potential problem is identified, Daniel immediately takes the necessary preventative action.

Marc  also has plenty of experience. He has been working for 3 years as an Installation & Maintenance Technician at LCL, but he previously worked for 10 years at another data center. Working behind a desk is not his thing: Marc prefers to be working 'hands on' at one of the three sites of LCL. His main responsibility is handling the interconnectivity. Cabling, fiber-optic welding... whenever a connection has to be hooked up for customers or providers, Marc is called in to take care of it. In addition, he also assists with the maintenance of the facilities. That can range from changing light bulbs to checking the air-conditioning systems. He’s a real jack-of-all-trades...

John  has been working for 2 years as Project Manager Facilities at LCL. “I am responsible for coordinating and planning all aspects related to the infrastructure of the buildings. This includes maintaining, upgrading, replacing, and relocating of all systems within the premises, from generators and air-conditioning units to UPS systems. I am also responsible for preparing cost estimates and developing project schedules when new clients are added, or when existing clients need to expand their capacity."

The youngest member of the team is  Sam . He joined the Operations team in March 2014. As a Technical Engineer, he handles the installation of racks for customers, data cabling, power supplies, maintenance, and continuous improvements. He guarantees the three LCL sites are always connected with each other. Sam has a reputation within the team for being the 'IT guy'. He is first call for any IT-related problems. “I have become part of a fantastic team here. In the few months that I have been at LCL, I have already acquired an enormous amount of new knowledge. Talk about learning on the job!”

Technical Engineer  Gilles  also started working at LCL 3 years ago. He managed the recent expansion of LCL Aalst from start to finish. One interesting fact: Gilles was working at the data center in Aalst when it was first built, before it was taken over by LCL. Therefore he already has hands-on experience in data center construction. You will mostly find Gilles at the site in Aalst. Gilles’ background as a programmer comes in really useful for the maintenance and programming of the databases used to register the cable logs. These provide very detailed information about all the cabling at LCL.

The most recent addition to the team is  Inge . She joined LCL in August as Operations Assistant. Inge provides administrative support for the Operations team. This means she is responsible, amongst other things, for access requests to the data centers and generating Purchase Orders for invoicing and billing. She got to know the world of data centers in her previous job, when she worked for a telecom operator. She has not regretted switching to LCL for a second: “My new colleagues are very friendly. I am happy to be part of this close group. I just try to do my job the best I can. I'm also very excited about the future here as well.”

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