A new member has joined the LCL dream team. Who is Peter Bussé, and what can he do for you?

We interviewed him for you.

Who is Peter Bussé?
I'm a commercial engineer, I'm 44 years old, and I'm a father of two. I previously worked for companies including IBM, Econocom, Computer Associates and RealDolmen. At all these companies I focused on infrastructure from a range of perspectives, including hardware, storage, security and services.

What can you offer LCL’s clients and partners?
A good solution for a client always comes down to the synergy of hardware, managed services and data center infrastructure, such as the facilities offered by LCL. As I've worked in all these areas, I can help LCL's clients by suggesting or involving relevant parties. This support is exactly the added value LCL offers its clients. Being able to link up quickly with the best players is vital when it comes to presenting an integrated story.

Is LCL the icing on the cake for you?
It's true that a data center brings together all my previous experience. I'll mostly be listening to clients a great deal and hearing about the projects they want to set up and what they want to achieve, so that I can see what LCL, as a business, and I, in a personal capacity, can offer them in the way of added value.

Finally, who is Peter outside of work?
I like to discover new things and keep learning. While I don't have many hobbies that I spend time on every week, there are a great many activities that I enjoy.
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