Diegem, 27 February 2018 - LCL, specialist in data center management, has recruited three new employees. Wim Boschmans joins the team as Marketing and Communication Manager. Floris Smits and Bart Liessens strengthen the technical team, respectively as Facilities Engineer and Field Engineer. LCL thereby supports the growth of its data centers in Diegem and Antwerp.

With the recruitment of Wim Boschmans as Marketing and Communication Manager, LCL wants to strengthen its commercial strategy and further develop internal and external communication. In addition, LCL wants to focus more on events. Boschmans has an extensive background as a marketing and communication professional, also in the technology sector.

Boschmans' challenge is to adjust the perception of what a data center is. "People often have an incorrect idea of ​​what a data center company does and does not do," says Boschmans. “My biggest challenge is to get rid of that. Data centers are primarily a hyper-secure environment where customers can store their servers. By converting technological ideas into intelligible language, we can clearly articulate the added value of LCL. ”

Expansions data centers: Antwerp and Diegem
LCL recently expanded its data center in Diegem with a second meet-me-room. This is a space in a network neutral (or carrier neutral) data center, where different telecom operators can link their network connections to each other or to companies. In addition, LCL has expansion plans in its data center in Antwerp. The intention is to add an extra data room of 200 m² in addition to the two existing rooms. The space will also be provided with the necessary new systems (generator, UPSs, fire detection, air conditioning, etc.) and an extra lock to increase safety.

To support these expansions, LCL also strengthens its technical team. As a Field Engineer, Bart Liessens is responsible for the technical installations in the three data centers of LCL: laying cables, providing new patches or removing old ones, technical support for customers, etc. Liessens has more than 10 years of experience in the data center world.

The new Facilities Engineer, Floris Smits, takes care of the daily organization of the three data centers of LCL. Smits will, among other things, deal with the testing and maintenance of the technical infrastructure and the co-management of the essential security and access control systems. Smits ’expertise in the field of HVAC (Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning) and electricity should help LCL to use energy efficiently.

"It is extremely important that the technical team regularly tests the infrastructure of our data centers," says Laurens van Reijen, Managing Director of LCL. “We also do a power test every month. Only by turning off the power completely can you know whether the backup systems actually take over in the event of a power failure. In this way we ensure the security of our customers' data and applications. "

"I attach great importance to a good atmosphere at LCL," concludes van Reijen. “Friendly customer service and good performance follow automatically when you put the people who have to live up to it every day. A data center is very capital intensive. But people are the most important capital at LCL. "

Floris Smits, Bart Liessens en Wim Boschmans
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