Young and dynamic, with a talent for organisation and coordination. That is Sindhu Plas in one sentence.

Since September 2013, she has been supervising all the technical interventions at LCL.
Do you currently have a project running at one of the LCL data centres? Then it is only a matter of time before you will get to know our Services Coordinator personally!

Sindhu has made it her mission to get to meet all our clients personally.

"At LCL we place a premium on establishing good relations with our customers", Sindhu explains. "That is why I always make a point of meeting our clients personally if they visit one of our data centres. Occasionally they are not aware of my presence, but they always seem to be pleasantly surprised. It is something they really appreciate. Involvement is essential."

Sindhu centralises all technical interventions, draws up the planning schedules, and handles the dispatching to her colleagues in the Operations team.
She also keeps a close eye on communication with the clients. "I love coordinating and organising.
I also make it a priority to meet any deadlines.
A technical background is not essential for my job, but thanks to the collaboration with my colleagues and the many training courses organised within LCL, I gained a good understanding of the technical aspects of a data centre."

Despite the frequent contact with clients, some people still have difficulty pronouncing the name of our Services Coordinator.
People who ring up often say "Can I speak to Cindy?" And occasionally Sindhu gets e-mails that start with "Dear Sir".
"It doesn't bother me at all. I mean, Sindhu is not exactly a common name. And a lot of people think Sindhu is a boy's name, but obviously it isn't! It is quite a popular girl's name in India."
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