We have already mentioned before that server rooms within smaller companies aren't power-efficient at all: their PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) averages around 3.

Now what does this mean? Given an energy cost for a small company of about 0,15 EUR/kWh (which is a conservative estimate), the cost per kWh per server will be approximately 0,45 EUR.

Next step in our calculation: an average server consumes ca. 3022 kWh per year. This means the the cost to power this server will amount to 1.360 EUR per annum. The cost to power this same server in our LCL datacenters would be only half that amount. In other words: outsourcing your server park to a commercial datacenter such as LCL will result into a power savings of 680 EUR per server per year.

An impressive cost saving, which becomes even more impressive when you look at the big picture. In Flanders, the total amount of servers in use within the premises of companies with 50 employees or less equals 49.675 servers. If all these servers would be hosted in the LCL datacenter, this would lead to a total power cost saving of about 34 million EUR. A considerable amount of money which would inject an extra financial impulse in our economy.


And that's not all. If all of the almost 50.000 servers mentioned above would be outsourced to LCL or other commercial datacenters, this would lead to a reduction of the CO² emission with 91.898.750 ton per year.

If you hadn't heard it before, this calculation hopefully illustrates it out loud and clear: outsourcing the servers to an external datacenter not only makes economic sense, it is a welcome gift to our environment as well.

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