LCL has hired another Business Developer: Marc Degrave will be the new "Business Developer Public Sector & Health" in particular. He focuses primarily on smart cities, hospitals, universities, public authorities and para-statals.
No loss of time thanks to short communication lines
When he was asked to start at LCL, Degrave did not have to think long. LCL immediately seemed like a pleasant undertaking. "It immediately felt good when I came in and the various initial discussions were not that bad," says Marc Degrave, Business Developer Public Sector & Health. “There is a family atmosphere with a good mix between young, driven people and experienced rot in IT. It is not too large a company, from Belgian soil and with future prospects. "

Also in terms of working method, his first positive impression turned out to be correct. "At LCL we work with very short lines of communication," says Degrave. “This allows us to respond more quickly to what is going on, to customer needs and to new solutions for that. We are very short with our customers, but also with our own infrastructure and operations. There is no loss of time here because of all kinds of management levels. I think that's wonderful and is one of the main reasons why I chose LCL. ”
How can we help you?
"In the IT sector, the challenge is to keep abreast of new evolutions," says Degrave. “Even though LCL does not develop new applications or programs itself, we must know about their existence. After all, we must be able to offer the necessary connectivity solutions for every situation or application. "

"My mission is to inform companies about the possibilities in our data center and how they can help them," says Degrave. “For connectivity as well as for hybrid solutions, housing or external storage. Thanks to our carrier-neutral approach, we can create more price-conscious options for our customers in terms of connectivity. University hospitals and universities have clearly understood the message well. They are increasingly looking for an external partner for their IT environment together. In this way they create a double price advantage, on the one hand thanks to economies of scale by working together, and on the other thanks to the better telecom rates that they can negotiate with a carrier-neutral party such as LCL. ”

Sales and IT as a common thread
Degrave graduated as an Industrial Telecom Engineer. Two important themes always dominated in his professional career, namely Sales and IT. In terms of sales, he was mainly active for large accounts, European institutions, FPSs and the government in general. He always sold IT products such as laptops, servers, switches and routers. He worked at Tulip Computers for seven years: first as Account Manager, then as Sales Director and finally as Country Manager Belux. Degrave then worked for Computerland for eighteen years, mainly as an independent agent.

Degrave enriches his leisure time with matters other than IT and Sales. He likes to play golf and walks with the dog. He is also an avid Blues and Jazz fan. He got that musical passion from home and became even stronger because he lived in Chicago for a while.
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