Professional data centers like LCL provide assurance and security. Certifications make that tangible. A certificate is an external quality assessment that is regularly reviewed. The certifications below prove that LCL meets certain standards and requirements, checked by an independent body. We therefore strive for continuous improvement of our services and processes.

Tier 3 data center – IBM certificate

LCL's data centers are Tier 3 classified data centers. A Tier 3 classification means 99.98% minimum availability of our services. We achieve this by resolutely opting for redundant infrastructure. All our systems have been duplicated and provided with a backup installation. In this way, our data centers continue to run at full capacity, even during maintenance or power failure. Your business continuity is therefore guaranteed at all times.
These Tier 3 certificates were awarded by IBM.


Tier-III certification by Uptime Institute

Our brand new – and second – data center in Aalst has been certified by Uptime Institute. This certification organisation is one of the world’s most demanding and it’s the originator of the Tier III classification.

The awarding of Tier III certification by Uptime Institute always takes place in two phases:

In the first phase, the advisory organisation checks if the data center is designed to meet the Tier III requirements. If that is the case, the data center receives Tier III Certification of Design. This was how, in November 2019, LCL’s second data center in Aalst – LCL Brussels-West 2 – was awarded the Tier III Certification of Design by Uptime Institute.

In the second phase, Uptime Institute analyses the construction of the data center. If this matches the certified plans for design and if the construction complies with the standards, the data center can then be given Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility. This was the case for LCL Brussels-West 2, which received the Tier III Certification of Constructed facility from Uptime Institute in August 2021.

LCL Data Centers is the first and only Belgian company to receive both of these certifications from Uptime Institute.

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ISO 14001 certificate – BSI

The ISO 14001 certificate shows that LCL's environmental management system complies with international environmental legislation. In addition, we continue to make constant efforts to reduce our ecological footprint. We obtained the ISO 14001 certificate by focusing, among other things, on:


  • continuous monitoring of power consumption to detect unnecessary energy consumption;
  • cold corridors for efficient and local cooling of the servers;
  • 100% green electricity;
  • Providing NOVEC 1230, an ecological extinguishing gas that is harmless to humans and the environment;


The ISO 14001 certificate was issued by BSI.

ISO 27001 certificate – BSI

The ISO 27001 certificate, awarded by BSI, proves that LCL operates good information security. The integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data are guaranteed at LCL. We apply clear, strict procedures to protect information and respond to potential disaster scenarios. The security of your data is also given high priority in the daily work of our employees.

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ISO 45001 certificate – BSI

Our data centers comply with the new international standard for professional health and safety. This is also verified by the ISO 45001 certificate. We are the first data center in Belgium to receive the ISO 45001 certificate.
We therefore take safety in the workplace very seriously and want to create greater awareness of the safety/security risks in data centers.


The ISO 45001 certificate was awarded by BSI.

ISO 9001 certification - BSI

LCL Data Centers holds ISO 9001 certification. Our Customer Intimacy strategy is perfectly aligned with achieving this certification. We want to know what is important for our customers and our potential customers. We conduct regular surveys, and transparent communication, to that end. This certification is also viewed as a measure of our company’s trustworthiness and quality. It’s awarded on the basis of an evaluation, notably of the management of risks and processes as well as the way that complaints are handled.

This certification, like our other certificates and attestations, above all confirms that we are a trustworthy and quality partner for our customers. Our aim therefore is to be a pioneering company in this field.

ISO 50001 certificate - BSI

LCL Wallonia One’s ISO 50001 certificate for energy management underlines LCL’s drive to explore more sustainable practices. It aligns with our dedication to decarbonisation and our active role in the net-zero transition. ISO 50001 is more than a certificate; it is a commitment to a sustainable ethos. This pursuit adheres to the Trias Energetica principles, emphasising the reduction of energy consumption, integration of renewable energy sources, and optimisation of fossil fuel use.

The certification process encompasses:

  • Energy impact assessments.
  • A continual improvement process focussed on the energy efficiency.
  • Compliance audits.
  • Internal process audits.
  • The appointment of a dedicated energy coordinator

The ISO 50001 certificate was awarded by BSI.

TIA-942 Rated-3 Facilities Certification - EPI

LCL has achieved the TIA-942 Rated-3 Facilities Certification which means that the data center has redundant capacity components and provides improved protection against physical events. The TIA-942 certification was awarded by EPI, the world’s leading Certification Body for data centers with 35 years of history. EPI is renowned for its expertise on data centers and high-level of professionalism and integrity. EPI audits are performed by fully qualified professionals who hold the lead auditor certification amongst other data center certifications and qualifications.

ISAE 3000 type 2 and ISAE 3402 type 2 reports

These quality reports provide an insight into risk management, as well as the quality and reliability of internal processes and information security at LCL.

ISAE 3000 focuses on operational management, while ISAE 3402 works from a financial perspective. The criteria covered in the report include access to the data center, incident management, maintenance of the perimeter and generators, among other things, etc.

The efforts we undertake in the area of information security are tested over a full year in a type II report. The reports prove that you can count on secure and properly maintained infrastructure at LCL.

Consultancy firm Deloitte carries out this audit on an annual basis.

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PCI DSS Compliant by PCI Security Standards

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organisations that handle credit card data from major card scheme brands.

The standard was established to improve checks surrounding card-holder data and thus reduce credit card fraud. Validation of compliance is performed annually by an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA): FortyTwo Security.

Although LCL is not itself involved in the processing of credit card data, this does show that it is a reliable partner for customers who come into contact with it. Physical shielding of the equipment is the most important criterion that has to be met.

Sustainability frameworks

We are also part of 6 different sustainability programmes: Science Based Targets initiative, Climate Neutral Data Center, European Code of Conduct for Data Centres, the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, The Shift, and ODE.

Do you have any questions about our certifications or would you like proof? Please contact LCL. We will be delighted to help you!