Ten reasons why you should consider outsourcing your datacenter

A data centre, even a small one, is a huge investment for any organisation. It would therefore be a logical choice for most companies to opt for an external data centre. And yet there are countless organisations that still prefer to keep their data and applications within their c ...

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Datacenters may like it hot(ter)

Electricity used for cooling accounts for one third and sometimes even half of the total electricity bill. For a datacenter of about 3.000 m² and consuming about 10 MW, the electricity cost for cooling your datacenter may rise up to 3 to 6 million euro, according to the calcu ...

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Datacenter sustainability in figures (and in hard cash)

We have already mentioned before that server rooms within smaller companies aren't power-efficient at all: their PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) averages around 3. ...

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Pros and cons of outsourcing your datacenter

The most recent Business Meets IT seminar earlier this month focused on datacenters, so naturally it caught our attention. ...

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Outsourcing your datacenter saves enough electricity to power the city of Liege

I recently attended a conference devoted to the theme of energy-efficiency, organized by the Flemish research group Vito. ...

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