Savaco chooses LCL as second data center

SAVACO wants to provide an even better service to its clients, with very strict demands when it comes to Business Continuity for a number of key applications. To make sure they remain operational at all times, it is essential that their data is stored in a back-up data center. Furthermore, a second data center will allow SAVACO to offer an even greater range of cloud services.

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Cindy Cauwenbergh heads up the Sales & Marketing team

The LCL data centers are operating at full capacity! 2014 was a fantastic year, and we have great expectations for 2015 as well. Our final acquisition in 2014, in terms of personnel, was Cindy Cauwenbergh. She joined LCL in October, and she will not only be guiding our marketing activities, she will also be boosting our sales.

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How to cut your electricity bill!

The servers and cooling equipment in data centers consume an enormous amount of energy. A data center business such as LCL uses as much energy each year as 2,500 households combined. “How can we make our operations more energy-efficient?” was the question we had all been asking ourselves.

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The number of the month: 62

What do you have to do if you want to buy new servers or upgrade your existing servers? The 62 people who attended the Server Optimization Seminar now know the answer to this question.

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LCL at your service

Are you looking for a way to find the time and money you need to boost your core activities? We can help! All you have to do is put part of the daily management of your equipment in our data centers in the capable hands of our technicians.

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The Operations team of LCL, more than just a maintenance team

Abdellah, Daniel, Gilles, Inge, John, Marc, Sam, and Sindhu are all members of the Operations team of LCL.

Each member makes a significant individual contribution to the continuous operation of the three data centers in Diegem, Aalst, and Antwerp. 

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Data centre relocation: easier said than done!

Relocation a data centre is no easy feat. It involves a lot more than unplugging a few cables, moving the hardware to the new location, and plugging it all back in again. Two experts give a behind-the-scenes look at the whole operation.

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In-house data centre versus data outsourcing: a financial brainteaser

Where do you store your data? In your own server room or data centre? If so, it might be a good idea to make a financial comparison with an external commercial data centre, such as LCL. And find out which option could save you money. In-house data centre versus data outsourcing: a financial comparison.
Companies who outsource the storage and management of their data to an external data centre can save themselves a lot of time... and money. This was the conclusion of Laurens van Reijen, LCL's Managing Director, following a financial comparison between internal and external data centres. 

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NSA Scandal is a Wake-Up Call!

How secure is your data? In the aftermath of the NSA spying scandal, more and more people are asking themselves this same question. And rightly so!

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It's now official: your data is in safe hands

LCL has a good reputation as an environmentally friendly company, but you are also in safe hands when it comes to information security.

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