LCL invests € 1.9 million in new data center in Diegem

The new data center, LCL Diegem 4, has been equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the dependability and security of the servers and data. Given this, the lion's share of the investment, € 1.3 million, has been in the data center's technological infrastructure. The technology installed in the new data center includes a state-of-the-art fire extinguishing system that uses NOVEC 1230, the safest extinguishing agent on the market in terms of human safety and the environment. As a result, Diegem 4, the third building at LCL's Diegem site, is the site's most sophisticated building.

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LCL takes on Project Manager for ambitious new projects

Until recently, Matthias Borremans worked as a Technical Manager at FLiDAR, a start-up company that was acquired by Canada's AXYS. In this role, he was in charge of the design, construction and management of floating stations that measure wind speed at offshore wind farms, and was responsible for all installations in Europe.

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Video: How we test the back-up systems?

The mains supply enters our data centers through an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). As soon as the UPS detects a power outage, the batteries take over. At the same time, the diesel generators start working. These generators are able to keep the data centers supplied with power for weeks if necessary. All of these systems are duplicated at least once, which means that any problems that affect one component will not stop the power supply to the entire data center.

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Figure of the month: 10,000,000

Comatose servers consume energy and require cooling, just like other servers, but they do not serve any purpose. Nothing would happen if they were switched off. Many companies are unaware of the amount of unnecessary spending on comatose servers. This illustrates how important it is that companies invest in a good IT infrastructure. Companies can achieve substantial energy savings by tracking down and switching off comatose servers. Professional data centers such as LCL can help them with this. We can reduce their energy consumption by applying our know-how and by bringing equipment together.

In September our CEO, Laurens van Reijen, wrote a blog post on comatose servers, which you can read here.

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Michiel Hoffmann joins LCL as Government Business Developer

According to LCL's Sales and Marketing Manager Cindy Cauwenbergh, Michiel's recruitment marks a new stage in the company's steady growth:
“His knowledge of the ICT and data center world, and his extensive network within structures of government, represent enormous added value for us.”

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Figure of the month: 56

At the end of the tour, visitors are asked to respond to the following question:
“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you will recommend LCL to a friend or colleague?”.

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And the award goes to...

One of the reasons for the continued growth of Telenet Business's infrastructure at our data center is the constant increase in services for customers, which are, in part, housed at LCL in view of the excellent connectivity.

The telecom giant is also continuing to expand its own network, and as part of this it uses of data center services provided by LCL.

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How can bottlenecks be prevented when processing big data?

LCL's Big Data Seminar included a survey of the latest generations of processors, DRAM and SSDs.

They were also tested extensively, and the best configurations for gaining the best results when processing big data were explained.

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A word from Laurens van Reijen: the data center of the future

What does the data center of the future look like?

Is the cloud a thorn in the side of data centers?
What steps is LCL taking today towards the data center of tomorrow?

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Storing data on an SSD or a classic hard drive?

For some time now we have no longer been storing data exclusively on hard drives (HDD).

These days, the smaller Solid State Drive (SSD) is more and more often the drive of choice.

But what exactly is the difference?
And what is the best choice for a data center?

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