Carrier news: Verixi

News from carrier country: carrier Verixi is putting its own rack into service at LCL Diegem and is thinking about expanding at LCL Antwerp.


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Video: M-team verhuist haar infrastructuur naar LCL

M-team (now MLOZ IT) opted for a safer data center infrastructure without worries at LCL. They made a video of the move to our data centers. Watch the video here and discover how such a migration works in practice.

Read here why M-team moved her data to LCL.


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Telex: Exxoss

One of our customers - Exxoss - offers businesses comprehensive support with their IT strategy and systems. Like LCL, Exxoss thinks along with customers to find tailor-made solutions. Have you heard about Exxoss yet?


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The LCL Service Desk at your service

To provide you with an even better service, LCL has developed an online customer portal - the LCL Service Desk. This secure, personal online environment makes it easier to submit various requests to LCL's operations team. Convenient, clear and digital, it brings you one step closer to a paperless office.

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M-team opts for LCL Aalst and Diegem

M-team (now MLOZ IT) has opted for a more secure data center infrastructure at LCL that provides peace of mind. The IT partner of the independent and neutral health insurance funds manages 80 terabytes of data for 370 offices in Belgium.

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Video: Joos Hybrid and LCL on Kanaal Z

Joos Hybrid is a company that specializes in transactional data communication. Eddy Bekaert, Plant Manager at Group Joos, explains why Joos Hybrid has opted for a private room in one of LCL's hyper-secure data centers. Would you like to find out more about the benefits offered by external data centers? Watch the video here

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Figure of the month: 25,000

The Benelux fiber optic network of telecom carrier Eurofiber contains 25,000 kilometers of cable. Eurofiber is connected to LCL's carrier neutral data center in Diegem, which means that you too can benefit from this extensive network.

This year, Eurofiber Belgium substantially increased its capacity in the LCL Diegem data center when its network was connected to the new section of the data center. Eurofiber was the first carrier to provide its own fiber optic cables and an MPLS network at Diegem 4. It now also offers dual homed-connections from LCL.

At LCL, you are able to choose from a range of telecom carriers. Click here for a list of all available telecom carriers.


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Did you know…

… LCL is now on Facebook? On our Facebook page we share photos of our events, such as the LCL North Sea Regatta or the Carrier Event. Like us and tag yourself!


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All aboard with LCL: Catching the wind at the first LCL North Sea Regatta

With an air temperature of 24°C, a clear blue sky, a stiff breeze, 14 yachts and more than 100 keen participants, LCL’s first North Sea Regatta had all the elements required for a successful day, putting the wind in LCL’s sails. Click here for a report on this sunny day, the results of the regatta and photographs.

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What happens to personal health data? (Patient data in the healthcare sector)

With the introduction of the new privacy regulation just around the corner, a number of issues are emerging concerning data security. Especially in the healthcare sector, it is important to know how to deal with sensitive data. Medical information is sensitive and highly personal, yet it's not just health data that falls under this category – it also includes religious information: after all, who needs to be called if a patient dies – a priest or a rabbi?


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