Win a year of flowers for free

LCL thinks all women are wonderful. That’s why we’re handing out flowers to everyone at She Goes ICT, where women in ICT are celebrated. If you’re attending, at the exit you’ll receive your bouquet. But there’s more to it. We’re giving away a year of flowers for free to one person. Will you be that person? You can participate by doing the following:
Have your picture taken at She Goes ICT on your smartphone, with the bouquet in your hand, and post it on LinkedIn (and other social media) with the tag #flowerladybylcl. Don’t forget to mention us. And follow us.

  1. Tag LCL: @lcl data centers
  2. Use the tag #flowerladybylcl
  3. Follow us: LCL Data Centers
Have your post liked and shared. The (female) person with the highest combination of likes and shares of this post by 5th March 2019 at 12pm, will be the winner of a full year of flowers for free.

 Terms and conditions of this competition
  • The #FlowerladybyLCL campaign is organised by LCL Belgium nv, Kouterveldstraat 13, 1831 Diegem.
    All female attendees at She Goes ICT 2019 awards event on 28th February 2019 can participate. LCL employees are excluded from this competition.
  • This competition is a social media campaign where attendees of Roularta’s She Goes ICT 2019: 
    • Will receive a bouquet of flowers at the exit of She Goes ICT 2019.
    • Female attendees can have their picture taken with their own mobile phone. (Men can have their picture taken as well, but they won't be able to participate).
    • Elegible pictures for the competition are the pictures taken where the attendee holds the bouquet, framed with the LCL photo frame provided onsite.
  • Participants must
    1. Tag LCL, using the tag @lcl data centers
    2. Use the tag #flowerladybylcl in their LinkedIn post
    3. Follow LCL Data Centers
  • The begin date and time of the competition is 28th February 2019 at 8.00pm The end date and time of the campaign is March 5th, 2019 at 12.00pm. This is the time when LCL will analyse the results.
  • The winner is the person whose post on LinkedIn has generated the highest combination of likes and shares of the post. In case of a status quo for the highest combination of likes and shares, the person with the highest amount of LinkedIn shares will be the winner.
  • The winner will be announced via LinkedIn on the LCL Data Centers company page and the winner will be contacted by LCL to request delivery (company) address for the flowers.
  • LCL will not export and keep personal data of the participants outside of LinkedIn and other social media.
  • The prize is a one-year subscription to receive one bouquet of flowers per month. The bouquet will be delivered to the winner’s work address. LCL chooses the service that delivers the flowers.
  • The prize cannot be claimed in cash.
  • By participating, the participant agrees to these terms and conditions.

-- end --