LCL welcomes Lut Wilms and Wilfried Landsheer to boost sales team

In his capacity as sales manager, Wilfried is a member of the LCL management team, is responsible for structuring the sales activities, and is in charge of the business development team. His many years' experience in sales and management in the IT sector make him the ideal person to take the sales team to the next level.

“LCL is a company that is constantly growing”, Wilfried said. “We are currently ranked among the top three data center companies in Belgium. To continue to grow, we need to have a strong customer base, and I intend to do my bit in this area. At LCL, our focus is on the customer.”

LCL is in a unique position in the IT sector owing to the number of women it employs. Figures published by the Uptime Institute (an independent global data center advisory organization) in April 2018 revealed that women are underrepresented in the data center sector. At most companies in the sector, women make up less than 5% of the workforce. The appointment of experienced IT professional Lut Wilms has increased the proportion of women in the LCL team to more than 35%. This is unusually high for the IT sector, and is therefore something LCL has good reason to be proud of.

Lut will join Peter and Michiel in the business development team. “LCL's data centers are not tied to any carriers, system integrators or managed service providers, which means we always have to deal with multiple parties. These relationships need to be managed so that we can provided added value for the final customer and for other parties, too.”