LCL takes on Project Manager for ambitious new projects

Until recently, Matthias Borremans worked as a Technical Manager at FLiDAR, a start-up company that was acquired by Canada's AXYS. In this role, he was in charge of the design, construction and management of floating stations that measure wind speed at offshore wind farms, and was responsible for all installations in Europe.

According to Matthias, the move from offshore wind farms to a data center was not as great a step as you might expect. “Both companies focus on reliability and serving the client, and their business models are based on leasing technology.” The new project manager started his career as a project engineer at Atlas Copco, where he worked on the development of compressors and vacuum pumps.

His decision to join LCL was prompted by his interest in data technology and his belief in the company's vision of the future. “As an engineer I was already intrigued by data centers, and it was immediately clear on first meeting that LCL has a close team of people with a vast amount of knowledge,” Matthias said. “The workforce at start-ups such as FLiDAR tends to be young. I was considered an old hand there, whereas at LCL I can still learn a great deal from older colleagues with plenty of knowledge and experience.”

LCL continues to invest
LCL has expanded its data centers significantly in the past few years. In 2014, the Aalst data center was extended by 300 m², and recently € 1.9 million was invested in a new data center in Diegem that has an area of 600 m². Even more major projects are planned for the next few years. These include further investments in new data centers and changes to existing installations in order to incorporate the latest technological innovations. The fully electronic installation in the Antwerp data center will be upgraded and the exterior walls of the Diegem site will be renovated. All of these projects will be supervised by LCL's Facilities Project Manager.

Matthias will also reduce the ecological footprint of LCL's data centers to an even lower level. This is very important to the civil engineer, who developed a floating station powered entirely by renewable energy during his time at FLiDAR.

“The fact that LCL reinvests a large proportion of its profits in constant innovation and expansion also makes it an attractive employer,” Matthias said. “The company will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years, and it will strengthen its position as one of the largest and best connected data centers in Belgium.”

“In view of the ongoing investments at LCL, we have decided to expand our team to include a number of people in important roles,” explained Laurens van Reijen, CEO. “Besides Matthias, we will also soon be taking on a Facility Manager, who will take care of the day-to-day functioning of the existing equipment.”